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About Singapore Mathematical Society 

Founded in 1952, the Singapore Mathematical Society (SMS) is the national body representing the interests of the mathematical community in Singapore. It is a constituent body of the Singapore National Academy of Science, as well as member of the International Mathematical Union and International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. SMS organizes the annual Singapore Mathematical Olympiad and the Singapore Mathematics Project Festival, and supports the Singapore International Mathematical Olympiad. The Society also supports international mathematical conferences held in Singapore, and engages in outreach activities such as public lectures and workshops.

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Message from the President

The Singapore Mathematical Society (SMS) was established in 1952 as the representative national body of the mathematical community in Singapore. Its mission has always been the promotion and advancement of the mathematical sciences.

Recognizing that interests in mathematics must be cultivated early in a person's life, the SMS has chosen to focus a significant portion of its attention on school teachers and students. Activities such as the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad, Singapore Mathematics Project Festival, SMS Essay Competition, SMS Master Classes, and Enrichment Programs, aim to stimulate students' interest in the subject and encourage them to broaden their exposure beyond the usual school curriculum. We also organize workshops and seminars for teachers, including the AME-SMS Conference for mathematics educators that we jointly organize with the Association of Mathematics Educators (AME), to better equip them for the rapidly-changing landscape in the teaching and learning of mathematics. These activities have received warm response and strong support from the school community. The SMS also partners the Singapore Ministry of Education in the training and participation of the Singapore team in the International Mathematical Olympiads (IMO). We are proud to have contributed to Singapore's strong performance at the IMO.

Beyond the school community, the SMS strives to promote mathematics through programmes such as: public lectures by local and overseas mathematicians, the Distinguished Visitor Programme where renowned overseas mathematical scientists or mathematics educators are invited to Singapore to conduct lectures, seminars and workshops, the annual Singapore Mathematics Symposium which showcases outstanding mathematical research done in Singapore, and the sponsorship of book prizes for top performing students in mathematical sciences in selected tertiary institutions.

All our activities would not have been possible if it were not for the many helpers (who share the same passion and mission as the SMS) who assist us in their planning and execution. We thank them for their partnership and generosity. May I also take this opportunity to encourage others who share the same vision to step forward to partner us?

Singapore is a small country, both in terms of its physical area and population. Yet, we are blessed with an excellent system of education and a thriving research community in mathematical sciences that has grown in size and stature. Maintaining strong links with the international mathematical community allows us to continue our growth and, at the same time, contribute back to the community. The SMS is therefore proudly and actively engaged in both the International Mathematical Union (IMU) and the Southeast Asian Mathematical Society (SEAMS).

As the world continues to evolve and change, we believe firmly in the importance and relevance of the mathematical sciences. In fact, they have become a linchpin in the solution to the complex problems of tomorrow, in issues as diverse as the environment, healthcare, and data. The SMS is committed to continue to do its bit for mathematical sciences. We warmly invite you to join us in this endeavour!

Professor Ling San
President, Singapore Mathematical Society

Management Committee 2017


A/P Victor Tan


Prof Ling San

Vice President

A/P Chan Song Heng

Vice President

Prof Gan Wee Teck

Vice President

Dr. Hang Kim Hoo
Jurong Junior College

Honorary Secretary

Dr Tang Wee Kee

Honorary Treasurer

Mr Wang Haibin
NUS High School


A/P Toh Tin Lam

Assistant Secretary 
Dr Wang Fei

Assistant Treasurer
A/P Chew Tuan Seng

Assistant Editor

Dr Gwee Hwee Ngee
Hwa Chong Institution

Assistant Editor

A/P Yap Von Bing

Committee Member
Ms. Foo Kum Fong

Committee Member
Dr Toh Pee Choon

Committee Member
Dr Wong Weipin


Past Management Committees and Annual Reports

Regular Events

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Distinguished Visitor Programme

Enrichment Programmes (schools)

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (SMO)

Singapore Mathematics Project Festival

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Types Eligibility Annual fee
(in Singapore $)
Ordinary Open to public
Junior Full-time students enrolled in schools, junior colleges and universities
Institutional Open to schools in Singapore (Click here for list of institutional members)
Reciprocal Available to individuals outside of Singapore who belong to another mathematical society with which SMS have a reciprocity agreement

Benefits/Privileges of members
* Receive complimentary copies of society magazine: Mathematical Medley .
* Receive announcement of activities and events organized by the society.
* Concession rate for workshops/lectures organized by the society (Institutional members are entitled to concession rate for up to five person per event).
* Concession rate for registration fees to schools that are institutional members for competitions organized by SMS.
* Reciprocity rate for membership to SMS reciprocal societies.

Membership (Ordinary, Junior, Reciprocal) Registration Form

Membership (Institutional) Registration/ Renewal Form

For members:
If you have changed your mailing address, or have not been receiving emails from us, please email to Ms Chan Lai Chee to update your mailing/email address.

Reciprocity Agreements
The Society has established reciprocity membership agreements with the following societies. SMS members enjoy discounts on their membership fees.

American Mathematical Society
London Mathematical Society
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Real Sociedad Matematica Espanola

Singapore Mathematical Society Logo

About the Singapore Mathematical Society Logo

Dubbed the "Golden Ribbon of Integration", the design of the Singapore Mathematical Society (SMS) logo bears the following significance:


It represents the Society's thrust to serve the interest of the entire mathematical community of Singapore via an integrated approach. The Society organizes and sponsors activities in student enrichment and competitions, teacher training, and mathematical research, and also attempts to promote mathematics to the general public. Most of its activities involve professional mathematicians, teachers and students together, either in their organization or participation. The ribbon signifies the Society's role in forging the golden ties among all people in Singapore interested in mathematics, and integrating their expertise and contributions for the benefit of the entire community.


The edges of the golden ribbon trace out the acronym of the Society - SMS. The letter "M" is formed within a rectangle, divided according to the golden ratio (approximately 0.618) in length and breadth.


The ribbon is a portrayal of the symbol for the mathematical operation "integration". The letter "M" forming one edge of the ribbon also represents the symbol, rotated 90o clockwise, for the mathematical operation "summation" which is a discrete analog of integration.

The logo is designed by Professor Koh Khee Meng, a past president of the Society, and implemented digitally by Mr Chua En Hao (1999).


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