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Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (SMO)

The Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (SMO) is the largest and oldest mathematics competition in Singapore. It started as the Inter-School Mathematical Competition in the mid-1950. It was renamed Singapore Secondary Schools Mathematics Competitions (for the Secondary Section) and the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad from the late 1980's. The current name Singapore Mathematical Olympiads (Junior, Senior and Open) started in 1995. Each year, thousands of students from all over the country take part in SMO.

Dates of SMO 2015:
Round 1:
Junior/Senior section (June 3, 2015 Wednesday)
Open section (June 4, 2015 Thursday)

Round 2:
Junior/Senior section (June 27, 2015 Saturday)
Open section (July 4, 2015 Saturday)

Results for SMO 2014

Photo Gallery for Past Prize Presentations

SMO solution books

SMO 2014


Changes in the structure of School Awards from 2014 onwards:

There is a major revamp of the structure of SMO school (team) awards from 2014. The School Awards will no longer be divided into Junior, Senior and Open sections. Instead, there will be two categories based on the age cut-off. Schools will be awarded points for the number of participants that registered and attempted the paper, as well as the number of Gold, Silver, Bronze awards and Honorable Mentions obtained by the students. The school will then be given an SMO School Award (Gold, Silver, Bronze and Participation) for each category based on the total number of points achieved. Please click here for details of the new School Awards system.

*Member schools must have paid the Year 2014 subscription fees in order to enjoy the concession rate. Membership application/renewal can be done together with SMO registration.
Check the membership status
Download membership renewal form.

Competition Schedule
Competition Rules 
Changes in SMO School Awards  NEW!
Sample of SMO questions   NEW!
Registration Instructions
Registration Fee
Registration Form
     for Institutional member schools
     for non-institutional member schools
bfly Index numbers and venue allocation of participants
bfly Namelist for second round NEW!
bfly Map of NUS venues
bfly Operations Instructions for Schools hosting the competition

Competition Schedule 2014

  Section Date Time Venue
First round
Jun 3
0930-1200 hr
Jun 3
0930-1200 hr
Jun 4
0930-1200 hr
Second round
(by invitation only)
June 28
0900-1200 hr
June 28
0900-1300 hr
July 5
0900-1300 hr

·         Age limit for Junior section participants: 
-        Express stream - born on or after 2 January 2000
-        Normal stream – born on or after 2 January 1999

·         Age limit for Senior section participants:
-        Express stream - born on or after 2 January 1998
-        Normal stream – born on or after 2 January 1997

·         Age limit for Open section participants: none

·         Age cut-off for School Award Category 1
-        Express stream - born on or after 2 January 1998
-        Normal stream – born on or after 2 January 1997

·         Age cut-off for School Award Category 2
-        Express stream - born on or before 1 January 1998
-        Normal stream – born on or before 1 January 1997

·         Registration closes on 1 April 2014 (Tuesday).
·         Registration fees to be paid no later than 30 May 2014 ( Friday)

Competition Rules

[Junior] [Senior] [Open]

Second Round Instructions and Namelists

Instruction: [All]

Namelist: [Junior] [Senior] [Open] NEW!

Map of NUS venues

Registration Instructions


1.  Schools are responsible in ensuring that participants are within the age limits. A school will be disqualified if any of its participants are found to have breached the age limits rule, intentionally or otherwise.

2.  Only one registration form per school is needed for all competition categories.

3.  Only registrations completed on the provided template will be accepted. No other formats will be processed and the organizer will not make format conversions for schools.

4.  The column “Singaporean/PR” in the form must be completed. This is to facilitate IMO training selection.

5.      The completed form must be emailed as an attachment to smssmo@nus.edu.sg before 1 Apr 2014 . This deadline will not be extended due to tight working schedule.

6.     To add on participants after initial submission but before closing date, complete a second registration form and email as an attachment to smssmo@nus.edu.sg before 1 Apr 2014. Do not combine and submit with the initial list because it will slow down processing and may lead to errors. Late submissions will not be processed.

7.     To make amendments such as spelling after submission but before closing date, email the changes to smssmo@nus.edu.sg before 1 Apr 2014. Provide as much details as possible for quick processing. Late submissions will not be processed.

8.  Replacements/substitutions are not allowed once names are submitted. Registration fees will be forfeited for participants who could not or do not turn up for the competition.

9.  No further registration will be processed after closing date. Students who are keen to participate after the deadline may walk-in on the day of the competition and register on the spot. Cash payment must be made on the spot for registration to be effective.

10. Schools are responsible in ensuring that the submitted names are spelt correctly as these will be printed on the certificates. A charge of $5 per certificate will be levied for reprints.

11. Individuals (who are not registered by or representing any schools) are also welcome to register. Please follow the registration instructions listed above.

12. Foreign students who are residing overseas may participate in the competition. They are required to take part in the first round competition in Singapore. If they qualify for the second round, they are also required to do it in Singapore. Students from foreign schools will not be eligible for Individual or Team prizes. For registration details, please email to smssmo@nus.edu.sg.


13. Registration fee for students from local schools is $8.00 per person (from SMS institutional member schools) per competition category; and $10.00 per person (from non-institutional member schools) per competition category. If a participant enters more than one competition category, he/she will be charged accordingly. For instance, if a student from SMS institutional member schools participates in Junior and Open sections, he/she will be charged $8 x 2 = $16. Registration fee for students from overseas is $25.00 per person per competition category.

14.  Registration fees for students from local schools may be paid by cash, cheque or IFAAS. Payment must reach the organizer or be completed before 30 May 2014 . No extension is allowed. Registration will only be confirmed upon receiving the payment. For students from overseas, please email smssmo@nus.edu.sg to enquire about payment details.

15. Cash payment must be made personally to the authorized person at the address below. Please call beforehand to make appointment to ensure that the cash is received by her

Mdm Chan Lai Chee
c/o Department of Mathematics
National University of Singapore
S17, Level 4
10 Lower Kent Ridge Road

Singapore 119076

Tel: 6516-2762

16. For cheque payment, address the payee as “Singapore Mathematical Society” and mail the cheque to the address in (15).

17. For payment via IFAAS for the first time, apply for the facility through MOE.

18. Receipts will be issued and mailed to schools once payment is received in good order. Please indicate special instructions for receipt issuance, if any, together with payment.

19. For Walk-in participants, only cash payment is accepted on the day of the competition. An acknowledgement slip of payment will be issued on the spot in place of an official receipt.


20.  The organizer will no longer provide invigilators to schools.

21. Schools that intend to conduct the competitions within their premises have to arrange for their own teachers to invigilate the competitions (without monetary compensation from the organizer). Nevertheless, the organizer will continue to deliver/collect the question/answer scripts to/from schools. Details on such arrangements will be provided nearer the competition dates.

22. Schools conducting the competitions within their premises are still required to adhere to the same schedule of each competition category. This is to maintain fairness to all participants.


23. The organizer reserves the right to amend the rules and regulations of the competition.



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