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Singapore Mathematics Symposium

 Current Year's Programme
 Past Years' Programmes
 Past Winners of Poster Competition



The community of mathematical scientists (faculty, researchers and graduate students) in Singapore has grown strongly in the recent years. The Singapore Mathematics Symposium is an initiative by the Singapore Mathematical Society to promote interaction within this community and to showcase some of the exciting developments originating from Singapore. This annual one-day event will include several invited lectures by mathematical scientists from the various institutions and a poster exhibition and competition for graduate students.


Current Year's Programme

Details of the 10th Singapore Mathematics Symposium will be announced later.


Past Years' Programmes and Invited Speakers

Year Speaker Institution
2018 Tan Ser Peow NUS, Math
Programme Kartik Natarajan SUTD, Engineering Systems and Design
  Bernhard Schmidt NTU, SPMS
  Zhang De Qi NUS, Math
2017 Van Vu NUS, Math
Programme Dong Fengming NTU, NIE
  Yap Von Bing NUS, DSAP
  Thomas Peyrin NTU, SPMS
2016 Ajay Jasra NUS, DSAP
Programme Dinh Tien Cuong NUS, Math
  Hoang Viet Ha NTU, SPMS
  Zhang Louxin NUS, Math
2015 Dai Min NUS, Math
Programme Pan Guangming NTU, SPMS
  Ng Keng Meng NTU, SPMS
  To Wing Keung NUS, Math
2014 Chong Chi Tat NUS, Math
Programme David John Nott NUS, DSAP
  Ren Weiqing NUS, Math
  Nicholas Privault NTU, SPMS
2013 Gan Wee Teck NUS, Math
Programme Xu Xingwang NUS, Math
  Gopal Pandurangan NTU, SPMS
  Bao Weizhu NUS, Math
2012 Shen Zuowei NUS, Math
Programme Xing Chaoping NTU, SPMS
  Dmitrii Pasechnik NTU, SPMS
  Zhu Chengbo NUS, Math
2011 Yu Shih-Hsien NUS, Math
Programme Chen Ning NTU, SPMS
  Toh Kim Chuan NUS, Math
2010 Zhang De-Qi NUS, Math
Programme Chua Chek Beng NTU, SPMS
  Chan Hock Peng NUS, DSAP


Past Winners of Poster Competition

Year Winner Project Title
2017 Ng Hong Wai
Ordinal Ranks of Baire Class Functions
  Ruixue Zhang
Properties of chromatic polynomials of hypergraphs not held for chromatic polynomials of graphs
2016 Deborshee Sen
On Coupling Particle Filter Trajectories


Ruan Xinran
(NUS Math)
Fundamental Gaps of the Gross-Pitaevskii Equation with Repulsive Interaction
2015 Doan Minh Luan
Hilbert spaces of entire functions and composition operators
  Zhao Quan
(NUS Math)
Finite element method for strongly an-isotropic solid state dewetting
2014 Le Thi Khanh Hien
A globally linear and locally superlinear (quadratic) inexact non-interior continuation method for variational inequalities over general closed convex sets
  Wang Yan
(NUS Math)
Sharp interface model for solid-state dewetting problems with weakly anisotropic surface energy
2013 Huang Mengmin
(NUS Math)
Simulations of Streamer Propagations based on Discontinuous Galerkin Methods
  Gao Fan
(NUS Math)
The Residual Spectrum of Mp4(AF)
2012 Jin Lingfei
Application of Classical Hermitian Self-Orthogonal MDS Codes to Quantum MDS Codes
  Zhao Xiaofei
(NUS Math)
Uniformly correct multiscale time integrators for highly oscillatory second order differential equations
2011 Cai Yongyong
(NUS Math)
Modeling, Simulation and Analysis of Quantum Degenerate Dipolar Gas
  Wang Shenling
Plus-cupping and locally noncappable degrees
2010 Gao Yan
(NUS Math)
Calibrating Least Squares Covariance Matrix Problems with Equality and Inequality Constraints
  Dimitry Shiryaev
Tiling, zonotopes and lattices


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