SMS Lecture Series 2019

Programme SMS Lecture Series
Audience General (Suitable for students at Secondary Level and above)
Description This lecture series will feature eminent local mathematicians or mathematics educators to share with the public some of their interests and ideas.
Speaker Professor Nicolas Privault, Nanyang Technological University
Nicolas Privault received his PhD in probability in 1994 from the Pierre and Marie Curie University, and is a Professor at the Nanyang Technological University. His research interests are in stochastic analysis, including stochastic inequalities, probability approximation, probabilistic methods for PDEs, and applications in finance and insurance.
Title Turning Uncertainty into Certainty

There is a popular belief that Probability Theory, also known as the science of uncertainty, can only lead to uncertain conclusions.

This talk will consider a number of situations where probability theory is able to extract certainty and to make definitive statements on random systems and structures. The exposition will be based on an informal introduction to measure theory, and supported by some live computer experiments.

Date/Time March 12 (Tuesday) 2019 / 4-5pm
Venue NUS, LT33
For catering purposes, we request all attendees to register. School teachers may do group registration for their students and teachers by choosing the "group registration" option and indicate the number of people attending the lecture in the online registration form.
Registration Fees Free
Coordinator Dr Tang Wee Kee