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Lectures and Workshops



The Singapore Mathematical Society organises a wide variety of lectures and workshops every year.  The talks are delivered by international and local experts in mathematics and its applications, and mathematics education.  Most of the talks are aimed at a general audience and are suitable for schools students and teachers.  The aims are to raise awareness of aspects of mathematics aside from the normal school curriculum, and to promote interest in mathematics among students, teachers, and the general public.


Current Year's Events

Event SMS Lecture Series 2019


Turning Uncertainty into Certainty


Professor Nicolas Privault

Date and Time

12 March (Tuesday) 4-5pm




Past Years' Events

SMS Lecture Series

Year Title Speaker
2018 You don’t have to buy Bitcoin. You can mine it Kiah Han Mao
2017 Deep Learning Adrian Roellin
2016 An Introduction to Algorithmic Game Theory Chen Ning
2015 Mathematics, Computation and Science Tay Yong Chiang
2014 Mathematics of Money Steven Kou
2013 Topology, Geometry, and Nuclear Physics Brett McInnes
2012 The Foundational Role of Statistics in the Future of Medicine Teo Yik Ying
2011 Domination in Digraphs Koh Khee Meng
2010 Modeling Large Societies Sun Yeneng
2009 A New Twist for Braids A J (Jon) Berrick
2008 Mathematics and Reality Chong Chi Tat
2007 Rare Events - The Poisson Paradigm Louis Chen


Public Lectures

Year Title Speaker
2018 From Abel to Langlands: the quest for a general reciprocity law and a grand unified theory of mathematics Gan Wee Teck
2010 An overview and revisiting on mathematics and civilization from Pythagoras to Newton Wu-Yi Hsiang
2007 From Euler’s Discoveries in Trigonometry to Fourier Analysis, MP3, and JPEG Gerhard Wanner
2007 Leonhard Euler: His Life, the Man and His Work Walter Gautschi
2007 Robot Swarms and the Topology of Coordination Robert Ghrist
2007 Euler - 300th Anniversary Lecture Robin Wilson
2006 Epidemics in Technological and Social Networks: The Downside of Six Degrees of Separation Jennifer Chayes
2004 Rabbits, Foxes and Mathematical Modelling Peter Pang
2003 Symmetry in Art and Architecture Helmer Aslaksen
2003 Mathematics and the Revolution in Cosmology Brett McInnes
2002 Ancient Chinese Mathematics and Its Influence on World Mathematics Lam Lay Yong
2002 Quantitative Go, and Some Other Games Elwyn Berlekamp



Year Workshops Speaker
2009 Teachers' workshop - Student Preparation for Mathematical Olympiads Hang Kim Hoo, Wang Haibin
2016 Teachers' workshop - Clueless Voting/Thinking versus Knowing Imre Leader
2009 Teachers' workshop - History of Mathematics Peter Pang Yu Hin
2006 Parents' workshop- Stretching Your Child's Potential in Mathematics Hang Kim Hoo
2006 One-day Teachers' workshop on Math Projects  
2006 Sudoku workshop Helmer Aslaksen
2005 Teaching of Graph Theory for H3 Math Koh Khee Meng
2003 Maths Makes the World Go 'Round Peter Pang
2002 Critical thinking in elementary mathematics: the tale of fractions and decimals Peter Pang



Year Talks Speaker
2010 Puzzles: Mathematical Fun Journey Dr. Pantazis Houlis


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