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Distinguished Visitor Programme (DVP)



The Distinguished Visitor Programme was launched by the Singapore Mathematical Society in 1998. Through the visit of a distinguished mathematician/mathematics educator, who will interact with both mathematicians/mathematics educators at the universities as well as teachers and pupils at the schools here, the aim of the Programme is to expose as large and diverse an audience as possible to the excitement and relevance of mathematics, thereby enhance the awareness of mathematics in our society.


2017 Programme

Distinguished Visitor
Professor Professor Ron Aharoni, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology

Program (8 - 10 February, 2017)

  • 8 Feb, 10.30--11.30 am, Colloquium Talk : Using Topology in Combinatorics, NTU SPMS
  • 9 Feb, 2.30 --5.00 pm, Workshop for Secondary Math Teachers, Academy for Singapore Teachers
  • 10 Feb, 4.00--5.00 pm, Public Lecture, Some principles in the teaching of elementary mathematics, NUS LT31

Detailed programme


Past Years' Programme

Year Visitor Institution
2016 Phillip A. Griffiths Institute of Advanced Study
2013 Imre Leader University of Cambridge
2011 Frank Morgan Williams College
2010 Hung-Hsi Wu University of California, Berkeley
2009 Roger Howe Yale University
2006 Alan Schoenfeld University of California, Berkeley
2004 Jack Cowan University of Chicago
2002 Jeremy Kilpatrick University of Georgia
2001 Wilfred Schmid Harvard University
1999 Jennifer Chayes UCLA


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