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Mathematical Medley

Mathematical Medley is a publication of the Society dedicated to the promotion of mathematics in Singapore. It contains mathematics articles aim mainly for students and teachers in secondary schools and junior colleges, a problem corner, book reviews and reports of activities of the Society. It is distributed free to members of the Society.

Want to contribute articles?
All contributions to Mathematical Medley should be submitted to:
The Editor, Mathematical Medley, Singapore Mathematical Society,
c/o Department of Mathematics, National University of Singapore,
10 Lower Kent Ridge Road, Singapore 119076.

Alternatively, you may send the softcopy via email to A/P Toh Tin Lam at tinlam.toh@nie.edu.sg.

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Latest Issue:
Vol 42 No.2


  • A Characterization of the Golden Albelos
    Hiroshi Okumura
  • Caustic Envelope
    Poon Zong Wei Julian, Toh Yi Sheng Eusebius, Tan Zi Hao
  • 57th IMO - Hong Kong, 2016
    Problem & Solutions
  • Interview with IMO COntestants 2016
    Glenn Lim
  • Events and Activities 2016

Vol 42 No.1


  • Classic Geometric Puzzle
    Joseph B.W. Yeo, Alisher Ikramov, Alex Bellos
  • Singapore International Mathematical Olympiad 2016
    National Team Selection Test
  • Singapore Mathematical Project Festival 2016
  • A Hexagon Cutting Problem and its Generalisations
    Joel Tan, Matthew Chia, Daniel Leong
  • Minimum Distance Problem
    Aung Kaung Kuang, Lim An Jun, Ng Yu Peng
  • Evaluation of an Improper Integral
    Soh Jing Ren

Vol 41 No.2


  • The Number of Heads in Coin Tosses
    Yap Von Bing
  • A Problem on Egyptian Fractions
    Tay Eng Guan and Toh Pee Choon
  • IMO 2015 Report
    Wong Yan Loi
  • IMO 2015 Problems with Selected Solutions
  • Interview with IMO Contestants 2015
  • Singapore Mathematical Society 2015 Activities & Events


Vol 41 No.1


  • What are Numbers and What should They Be? A Journey Backward
    - Wang Haina
  • Teaching Poisson Distribution
    - Koh Liang Cheung Daniel
  • The Singapore Mathematics Project Festival: A Note from the Coordinator
    - Wang Fei
  • Exploration of the Isoperimetric Inequality
    - Dylan Toh Shan Hong
  • enumerating (k;l)-critical and supercritical permutations
    - Yeo Wan Jin, Yeo Tao Rui
  • Singapore International Mathematical Olympiad 2015 National Team Selection Test


Vol 40 No.2


  • Meaningful Learning Experience for Problem Solving
    and Mathematics Competition Questions
    - Toh Tin Lam
  • Conway's Game of Life
    - Wang An Aloysius, Koh Shang Hui
  • A Folded Square Sangaku Problem
    - Hiroshi Okumura
  • IMO 2014 Report
    - Wong Yan Loi
  • IMO 2014 Problmes with Selected Solutions
    - SIMO team members
  • 10 Questions for SIMO 2014 Team
  • Singapore Mathematical Society 2014 Activities & Events


Vol 40 No.1


  • What Should You Do If You Fall Into A Black Hole
    - Brett McInnes
  • Tromino Tiling
    - Liu Hang, Surya Mathialagan, Sean Pek Yu-Xuan
  • Singapore Mathematics Project Festival 2014
    Festival Congress Project Summaries
  • On the Regiomontanus Angle Maximization Problem
    - Yiu-Kwong Man
  • Teaching Sampling and Hypothesis Testing
    - Koh Liang Cheung Daniel
  • Generalized Mersenne Numbers and Primitive Pythagorean Triples
    - T. E. Moore
  • SIMO 2014 Selection Test
    Problems and Solutions


Vol 39 No.2


  • A conversation with SMS Distinguished Visitor: Imre Leader
    - Yap Von Bing
  • SMS Essay Competition 2013: Mathematics and Planet Earth
    • Category A winner: Is God a Mathematician?
      - Julius Chua, Leow Ee-J, Heng Javier
    • Category B winner: 3D Model Resotration from 2D Satellite Pictures by Spherical Geometry
      - Gao Yuan, Wu Shenyang, Bei Yijie
    • Category C winner: The Mathematical Earth
      - Tong Hien Chi
  • Board Games and Economics
    - Fedor Duzhin
  • Geometrical Tree: Leaf Mass & Leaf-Tree Relationship (Part 2)
    - Xu Wenji, Lu Jingyi and Zhang Jing
  • IMO 2013 Report
    - Wong Yan Loi
  • Singapore Mathematical Society
    2013 Activities & Events


Vol 39 No.1


  • Message from the President
  • Geometrical Tree: Leaf Mass & Leaf-Tree Relationship (Part 1)
    - Xu Wenji, Lu Jingyi and Zhang Jing
  • Model Victory
    - Sarah Loke
  • Bayes Rule Without Probability
    - Yap Von Bing
  • A Journey in Geometry
    - Jin Lei, Wang Haibin
  • Some Observations on Oblong Numbers
    - T.E. Moore
  • Singapore Mathematics Project Festival 2013
    Festival Congress Project Abstracts
  • SIMO 2013 Selection Test
    Problems and Solutions

Vol 38 No.2


  • A General Method of Flattening Convex Prismatoids into Flat Sheet
    - Li Chenglei, Zhou Jingqi
  • Teaching the Topic of Linear Regression
    - Koh Liang Cheung Daniel
  • An Elementary Proof of The Non-existence of Certain Polygonal Repunits
    - Chen Zhuo, Lu Xiaonan, Yan Tianqi
  • How to Derive Formulas for Sums of Consecutive Powers
    - Chan Heng Huat, Chan Song Heng
  • Interviewing Lim Jeck
    - Lau Yu Han
  • IMO 2012 Report
    - Wong Yan Loi
  • IMO 2012 Problems
    - with Lim Jeck's Solutions


Vol 38 No.1


  • Mathematics K-12: Crisis in Education
    - Interview with Wu Hung-Hsi
  • Problem Posing and Constellations in Mathematics:
    Using a Biography of a Recent Mathematician for Teaching Mathematics
    - K Immaculate Namukasa
  • Bar Model Method for Age Problems
    - Ho Soo Thong
  • Moscow and St. Petersburg Mathematics Olympiads
    - Fedor Duzhin
  • Singapore Mathematical Society 2012 Activities and Events
  • An Engaging and Enriching Journey of Discovery
    Speech by SMS Annual Prize Presentation 2012 Guest of Honour Ho Peng
  • Celebrating Mathematics
    A Cover of the 12th Annual Singapore Mathematics Project Festival 2012


Vol 37 No.1-2


  • A Proof of the Continued Fraction Expansion of e^1/M and e^2/s
    - Shi Xiaojie
  • Solving Quartic Equations by Division Method
    - Raghavendra G. Kulkarni
  • Speed Problems -- A Ratio Approach
    - Ho Soo Thong, Ho Shuyuan
  • Problem Solving Behind the Solution: A Case Study
    - Wang Haibin
  • 52nd International Mathematical Olympiad
  • Singapore Mathematical Society Events and Activities 2011
  • Singapore Mathematical Society Annual Report 2010


Vol 36 No.2


  • Bar Model Method for Problem Solving
    - Ho Soo Thong, Leong Yu Kiang
  • Teaching and Learning of `Sequences and Series' under the JC H2 Mathematics Curriculum
    - Andrew Yap, Jasmine Yap, Kwee Tiow Choo
  • The Application of Game Theory and Probaility in Political Studies
    - Zheng Rui
  • 51st International Mathematical Olympiad
  • Prize-giving Ceremony Speech
    - Wu Hung-Hsi
  • Singapore Mathematical Society Events
  • Problems Corner



Mathematical Medley Digitized Archive

The Society recently embarked on a project to digitize all previous issues of the Medley. Past issues from Volume 1 to Volume 34 in pdf format may be found here.


Singapore Mathematical Olympiads Solution Books

SMO solution book Ten Year Series (1995-2004) and Five Year Series (2005-2009)
For Secondary and Junior College level students
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This publication is SMS' effort to produce the solutions to all the competitions in the ten years from 1995 to 2004. Besides meeting students' needs for the questions and solutions to earlier publications which have already been out of print, it also allows for further refinements to solutions that were provided earlier.

Price: $15
This publication is SMS' effort to produce the solutions to all the competitions in the years from 2005 to 2009. Besides meeting students' needs for the questions and solutions to earlier publications which have already been out of print, it also allows for further refinements to solutions that were provided earlier.

SMO solution book (yearly issues)
For Secondary and Junior College level students

The following books are published each year after the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (SMO) for the current year has taken place. We have included all the questions and their detailed solutions (as well as useful comments) of the competition in the title. The aim of the publication is three-fold. Firstly, it makes available solutions and comments of the current year's competitions to the participants who are keen to find out the correct answers and workings to the problems. Secondly, it serves as a guideline and exercise for students who are preparing for future competitions. Lastly, it introduces students to challenging mathematical problems not normally encountered in classrooms.

Past issues - out of print

Recent issues - available for purchase Order form



Errata for the 1995-2004 SMO Ten Year Series. [Updated: 17/12/2013]
Errata for the 2005 SMO Solution Book. [Updated: 01/02/2016]
Errata for the 2011 SMO Solution Book. [Updated: 24/04/2012]
Errata for the 2012 SMO Solution Book. [Updated: 19/03/2013]
Errata for the 2014 SMO Solution Book. [Updated: 19/09/2014]
Errata for the 2015 SMO Solution Book. [Updated: 11/02/2016]

SMS apologizes for the misprints in the 2012 Solution Book which were due to technical errors in the printing.


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