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From Euler’s Discoveries in Trigonometry to Fourier Analysis, MP3, and JPEG


This talk retraces the discovery of Euler’s famous formula, cos x + i sin x = e ix in his early work on differential equations. But it was not only this formula, which was one of Euler’s masterpieces, but also the creation of the trigonometric functions, cos x and i sin x themselves. We then describe important consequences of this theory for mathematics, physics and today’s civilization (Basel problem, theory of sound and electromagnetic waves, Fourier transform, FFT, JPEG und MP3), without which no radio, no television, no digital camera or no CD-player would work.


Gerhard Wanner
… is the President of Section VII of the Swiss Academy of Natural Sciences, former Head of the Department of Mathematics, University of Geneva, and former President of the Swiss Mathematical Society. His important research are on numerical analysis, differential equations, and the computation of Constrained Mechanical Systems. He is a co-recipient of the 2003 Peter Henrici Prize for “broad and extended original contributions to applied analysis and numerical analysis, and/or exposition appropriate for applied mathematics and scientific computing”. He is the co-author of highly influential books (often described as the “bibles” of their fields), such as Solving Differential Equations.



20 September (Thursday) 2007 / 4pm


The Maxwell Auditorium

Singapore Science Centre

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An exhibition on the life and amazing works of Leonhard Euler is displayed on the second level overlooking the Atrium of the Science Centre. This exhibition is generously brought to Singapore and the Science Centre by Swiss House Singapore and has been open since April 2007.

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