Public Lectures

2022: SMS Public Lecture on 4th August 2022

Probability and Combinatorics in School Mathematics Speaker Professor By Professor Helmer Aslaksen Helmer Aslaksen did his undergraduate studies at the University of Oslo and his Ph D at the University of California, Berkeley He was with the Department of Mathematics at the National University of Singapore from 1989 to 2011 when he joined the University of Oslo with a joint appointment in the Department of Teacher Education and the Department of Mathematics. His interests include geometry, Lie theory, astronomy, calendars, voting systems and mathematics education. He has been academic advisor for the exhibition “Art Figures Mathematics in Art” at the…

Past Years’ Programme

2018: From Abel to Langlands: the quest for a general reciprocity law and a grand unified theory of mathematics

The 2018 Abel Prize was recently awarded to Robert Langlands of the IAS for “his visionary program connecting number theory…

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