SMPF Programme

Preliminary Round

Registration Deadline:

20th March 2024


Projects with abstract (in PDF) and 20-min presentation video clips to be uploaded to Dropbox by 31st March 2024. Link will be sent to the registration email account within 1 week from the date of registration.

Some videos from the past year prize winners are accessible from SMS Facebook.


Payment can be made by IFASS, bank transfer or PayNow. Participants (or their teacher in-charge) may either
a) E-invoice to School via IFASS, or
b) Bank Transfer (DBS 032-0003-427), or 
c) PayNow (UEN: S61SS0127L) S’pore Mathematical Society

Final Round Presentation (Festival Congress)

Date: Saturday, 11th May 2024

Time: 8:30am – 12:30pm

Venue: LT33, NUS (S17, 10 Lower Kent  Ridge Road, 119076)

SectionSchoolProjectPresentation Time
SeniorNUS High School of MathematicsExpress the sqrt(p) in terms of a sum of trigonometric functions08:40-09:00
JuniorNanyang Girls’ High SchoolThe Mondrian Puzzle: Is there a formula to derive the lowest score given a fixed configuration?09:00-09:20
JuniorNUS High School of MathematicsMake 24: Bounding the Generalised Form of a Numbers Game09:20-09:40
SeniorCatholic High SchoolSolving Polynomials by Special Cases and Various Methods09:40-10:00
SeniorNUS High School of MathematicsElegant Results Involving Chebyshev’s Polynomials10:00-10:20
JuniorHwa Chong InstitutionHow2CH0MP10:50-11:10
JuniorNUS High School of MathematicsExpanding on the Collatz Conjecture11:10-11:30
SeniorDunman High SchoolOn the Critical Density of Minesweeper Boards11:30-11:50
JuniorNUS High School oF MathematicsPowered Cycle Subtraction11:50-12:10
SeniorHwa Chong InstitutionFuelling the Challenge12:10-12:30