Registration Fees

  1. There is a registration fee of $10 per entry. The fee may be paid by credit card, cheque, cashier order (buy from SINGPOST) or IFAAS. Payment must be made before the deadline as mentioned in the introduction.
  2. For cheque/casher order payment, please address the payee as “Singapore Mathematical Society”. All cheques must reach Singapore Mathematical Society and be cleared before the payment deadline. Cheque payments are to be sent to:
    Singapore Mathematical Society
    c/o Department of Mathematics 
    National University of Singapore 
    Block S17 
    10 Lower Kent Ridge Road 
    Singapore 119076
  3. For IFAAS payment, please email Mdm. Chan Lai Chee for her to create an e-invoice to be sent to your school finance section.
  4. An electronic receipt will be issued once payment is received in good order.