Judging Criteria

1. Mathematical Content
Mathematical content is interpreted in a broad sense to include all areas that are relevant and/or related to mathematical sciences. A high level of technical mathematical prowess is not expected. Rather, the project should present a clear and coherent understanding of the chosen topic. Most importantly, any mathematics included in the project should be correct.

2. Creativity and Originality
Creativity and originality may be exhibited in the choice of topic, the methods used to analyze the chosen problem and the way in which findings are presented. The emphasis is on project participants showing thinking skills beyond “standard” approaches to the topic at hand.

3. Applicability and Relevance
Projects that model and discuss situations and problems based on real-life scenarios are highly encouraged. Projects that find use in situations beyond the main topic discussed are also deemed applicable.

4. Overall Presentation
The basic requirement included under this criterion is a clear and well-organized exposition of the project. Additional material such as models and computer programs may enhance the presentation if they are relevant to the topic and well constructed. For teams invited to the Festival Congress, their presentation at the Congress will also be taken into account.

Judging Process

1. Preliminary rounds
Every submitted project will have to go through a preliminary round. The judging panel consists of mathematicians. The reviews of the the projects and the presentation videos based on the four judging criteria will be used as a reference for shortlisting projects for the final round as well as awarding the various colour medals.

2. Award of medals and shortlisting of final round projects 
Based on the written reports and the grades of the preliminary round, the panel of judges will shortlist the projects for final round presentation and decide on the awards for the other projects.

3. Final round presentation  
The panel of judges will assess the final presentation as well as interview the teams. Based on the oral presentation and the written reports, the panel will decide on the best project as well as the awards for the other final round projects.