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Puzzles: Mathematical Fun Journey


Dr. Pantazis Houlis
Director, Inventor MindStrat Puzzles Pte. Ltd

Dr. Pantazis Houlis is Director, inventor and Co-founder of MindStrat Puzzles. Dr. Pantazis Houlis is the inventor of world first 4-Dimensional puzzles and world first gravity puzzles. He has more than 50 folding plates’ designs and is currently rated as world best folding plate puzzle designer. Dr. Pantazis doctorate topic was published in Automation control IEEE Transactions and also has Masters in Mathematics. Currently he works as Research Associate in University of Western Australia. Along with His Professor Dr. Arcady Dyskin have recently filed one more patent on puzzles. He along with his friend Siva Subramaniam started MindStrat Puzzles to promote mathematical gaming and puzzles to the society

Puzzles: Mathematical Fun Journey

In this presentation, we introduce the different types of puzzles which exist, how they had evolved throughout the years and how it has journeyed so far… We explain their relation to mathematics, geometry and engineering. We explain the classification of each puzzles and their relationship with mathematics. We move into gravity puzzles and games. The concept, the journey of gravity puzzles and games. We conclude with the introduction of world first 4-D puzzles and games – The holy grail of all puzzles.

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Educators and instructional designer who are keen to explore the use of games in teaching and learning.


24 May 2018 (Thu) 4 – 5 pm


NUS, LT 25

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