SMS Lecture Series

Mathematics and Reality


This lecture series will feature eminent local mathematicians or mathematics educators to share with the public some of their interests and ideas.


Chong Chi Tat , National University of Singapore

Professor Chong Chi Tat received his PhD from Yale. His major area of research is in mathematical logic, especially recursion (computability) theory. He served as Deputy Vice Chancellor and Provost of the National University of Singapore from 1996 to 2004, and is currently Head of the Department of Mathematics and University Professor, with joint appointment in the Department of Philosophy. He is one of the managing editors of the Journal of Mathematical Logic.


The attempt to understand, interpret, and even to model reality is one of the most intriguing problems in the history of human civilization. This problem has attracted and captured the imagination of some of the most creative minds in mathematics. After more than a century of studying the problem, we have made great advances and yet seem to be no closer to the truth than a century ago. In this talk several examples will be given to illustrate the apparent paradoxical situation, and discuss the role played by mathematics in the development of ideas that led to this apparent paradox. The examples come from the foundations of mathematics and computer animation.

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March 7 (Friday) 2008 / 4.30-5.30pm



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Buffet dinner will be served after the lecture


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Closing Date

March 5, 2008


Dr Tan Victor