SMS Lecture Series

Mathematics of Money


This lecture series will feature eminent local mathematicians or mathematics educators to share with the public some of their interests and ideas.


Steven Kou, National University of Singapore

Professor Steven Kou is currently a Provost’s Chair Professor of Mathematics and the Director of the Centre for Quantitative Finance at National University of Singapore. Previously, he taught at Columbia University, University of Michigan, and Rutgers University. He teaches courses in quantitative finance, stochastic models, and statistics. His research results have been widely used on Wall Street, and have been incorporated into standard M.B.A. textbooks


We will discuss three aspects of the application of mathematics in finance: (1) Investment (2) Derivatives (3) Risk Management. Although more advanced mathematics, such as stochastic differential equations, statistical inference, optimization, and functional analysis may be needed to study these topics, only high school mathematics will be used in the talk. We aim at giving some concrete examples in these topics, to inspire interests among the general public. In particular, we will focus on three examples: (1) Optimal portfolio choices, e.g. Kelly and Merton criteria. (2) The binomial model for option pricing. (3) Axioms for risk measures.


General (Suitable for students at JC Level and above)


March 11 (Tuesday) 2014 / 4-5pm



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