SMO Results

Results for SMO 2004

Singapore Mathematics Olympiad (Junior) 2004

Top 20 Rankings for SMO (Junior)
A total of 3187 students from 97 schools/teams took parts in the competition. The results are as followed:

1Raffles Institution
2The Chinese High School 
3Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary) 
4Anderson Secondary School 
4Catholic High School 
6St Joseph’s institution
7River Valley High School 
8Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
9Bukit Panjang Govt High School 
10Nanyang Girls’ High School 
11Clementi Town Secondary School 
11Dunman High School 
13Nan Hua Secondary School
13Swiss Cottage Secondary School 
15Victoria School
16Ngee Ann Secondary School
17CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School
17Fuhua Secondary School
17Temasek Secondary School
17Xinmin Secondary School

Top 30 Individual Rankings for SMO (Junior)
Total Number of Prize Winners: 30

1Chan Wai Hong RonaldRaffles Institution
1Lim Wei QuanThe Chinese High School
3Lim Jun RenRaffles Institution
4Tan Chong MinRaffles Institution
4Tan JuanheRaffles Institution
6Khoo Seng TeckRaffles Institution
7Lee Jun DominicAnderson Secondary School
7Chiam Jia-HanRaffles Institution
7Yeong Li QianRaffles Institution
7Choo Jia GuangThe Chinese High School
7Yeo Zheng HangThe Chinese High School
12Kung Ying XiangRaffles Institution
12Lu YongquanThe Chinese High School
14Deng YingRaffles Girls’ School (Secondary)
15Ang Moh Lik RoyCatholic High School
15Amitabha GhoshClementi Town Secondary School
15Kwek Jia LiRaffles Girls’ School (Secondary)
15Ang Zi YangRaffles Institution
15Hu YijieRaffles Institution
15Ong Ruo Cheng RogerRaffles Institution
15Yap Chuan Sheng SeanRaffles Institution
15Ling JunjieThe Chinese High School
23Tan Zek GianRaffles Girls’ School (Secondary)
23Ang Yong He ThomasRaffles Institution
23Lu LiangjianRaffles Institution
23Tan Jun WenRaffles Institution
23Lin YiRiver Valley High School
23Christoher Tan HourenSt Joseph’s Institution
23Chow Jie Ming BenjaminThe Chinese High School
23Ng Chun Kiat AlbertThe Chinese High School

Singapore Mathematics Olympiad (Senior) 2004

Top 20 Rankings for SMO (Senior)
A total of 2487 students from 93 schools/teams took parts in the competition. The results are as followed:

1Raffles Institution
2Dunman High School
3Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) 
4Nanyang Girls’ High School
5The Chinese High School
6River Valley High School
7Crescent Girls’ School
8Chung Cheng High School (Main)
9Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary)
10Cedar Girls’ Secondary School
10Singapore Chinese Girls’ School
12Maris Stella High School
13Catholic High School
14Xinmin Secondary School
15Bukit Panjang Govt High School 
16Anderson Secondary School
17St Joseph’s Institution
18Anglican High School
18Victoria School
20CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School

Top 20 Individual Rankings for SMO (Senior) 2004
Total Number of Prize Winners: 33

1Zhao YanRaffles Institution
2Wang ZhiyanRaffles Institution
2Hang Hao ChuienThe Chinese High School
4Tian LongtaoRaffles Institution
5Tham Zheng KangRaffles Institution
6Chen JinquanThe Chinese High School
7Fan QiThe Chinese High School
8Liu ShuoDunman High School
8Wu MengfeiNanyang Girls’ High School
8Wu MenglinNanyang Girls’ High School
8Zhou ShuRiver Valley High School
12Zhu YanNanyang Girls’ High School
12Zhang FeiranRiver Valley High School
14Lu YuanmeiCrescent Girls’ School
14Tian ChengDunman High School
14Zhang WeiNanyang Girls’ High School
14Zhu HuiNanyang Girls’ High School
14Yang TongRaffles Institution
14Ding WenjiaRiver Valley High School
14Peng ZhiliangRiver Valley High School
14Xu ShengRiver Valley High School 
14Zhou ZhongSingapore Chinese Girls’ School 
23Fan LanlanDunman High School 
23Mou XiaoleiNanyang Girls’ High School 
23Xu YangNanyang Girls’ High School 
23Liang YinSingapore Chinese Girls’ School 
27Liu MuziAnglican High School 
27Lu YinhaiNanyang Girls’ High School 
27Suo ChenquNanyang Girls’ High School 
27Chuah YuxinRaffles Girls’ School (Secondary) 
27He XiRiver Valley High School 
27Xiong YimingRiver Valley High School 
27Ho Jun WeiThe Chinese High School 

Singapore Mathematics Olympiad (Open) 2004

Top 20 Rankings for SMO (Open)
A total of 876 students from 58 schools/teams took parts in the competition. The results are as followed:

1Raffles Junior College
2Hwa Chong Junior College
3The Chinese High School  
4Raffles Institution
5Anglo-Chinese Junior College 
6National Junior College 
7St Andrew’s Junior College 
8Anglican High School 
8Victoria Junior College 
10Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) 

Top 20 Individual Rankings for SMO (Open)
Total Number of Prize Winners: 21

1Andre KuehRaffles Junior College
2Joel TayRaffles Junior College
3Tian MingweiAnglican High School
3Zhang XiayangNational Junior College
3Sia Jia Min CharmaineRaffles Junior College
6Chen KejiaRaffles Junior College
7Tay Jingyi KennethAnglo-Chinese Junior College
8Hoang Trong Minh ViRaffles Institution
9Dinh Thi TheuAnglo-Chinese Junior College
9Ho Jun Feng JackHwa Chong Junior College
9Wang TengyaoThe Chinese High School
9Xiong XiVictoria Junior College
13Lan Jiaming JosephHwa Chong Junior College
14Shawn Eastwood– Independent –
14Anand B. RajagopalanRaffles Junior College
16Wang Hua JiaHwa Chong Junior College
17Cheng Jin HuaHwa Chong Junior College
18Zhao YanRaffles Institution
19Luo ChengHwa Chong Junior College
19Zhuang BilinRaffles Junior College
21Kanav AroraAnderson Junior College
21Ong Xing CongRaffles Junior College
21Soh Yong ShengRaffles Junior College
21Hang Hao ChuienThe Chinese High School
25Vo Van HungAnderson Secondary School
26Trung Tuan DungAnglo-Chinese Junior College
26Chen Chongli DanielHwa Chong Junior College
26Li ZhipengHwa Chong Junior College
26Zou HaoHwa Chong Junior College
26Trinh Duc LinhNational Junior College