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Teacher’s workshop on SMO –  Aug 31, 2022

This workshop is suitable for secondary school mathematics teachers and focuses on the infusion of mathematical problem solving, problem posing and task designs in developing and preparing students for Mathematical Olympiads. The workshop will illustrate how well taken scaffoldings can effectively develop students’ mathematical reasoning and problem solving skills. Some illustrations will also be presented to provide insights into the important roles some mathematical problem techniques play in solving some classes of Mathematical Olympiad problems.

About the Speakers

Dr Hang Kim Hoo

Dr Hang has been the Singapore Mathematical Society’s Vice-President since 1994. He was one of the pioneers who started the Singapore Mathematical Olympiads in 1995. He was also among the pioneers who helped in the preparation of Singapore IMO National Teams from 1990 to 1995. Dr Hang holds a PhD in Pure Mathematics, a MSc in Statistics and MEd in Mathematics Education. He has made many significant contributions to Mathematics Education throughout his career including when he was the Principal of NUS High School of Mathematics and Science from 2007 to 2015, and is still actively contributing to Mathematics Education.

Mr Wang Haibin

Mr. Wang is a Member of the Singapore International Mathematical Olympiad C0mmittee since 2010. He has been conducting training for the junior, senior and national squads, setting and marking national team selection test, and preparing the team for IMO and other international competitions. Currently, Mr. Wang is working as a consultant for NUS High School of Mathematics and Science.


31 Aug 2022 (Wed) 3pm – 5pm


NUS (Venue to be confirmed)


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