SMS Lecture Series

Topology, Geometry, and Nuclear Physics


This lecture series will feature eminent local mathematicians or mathematics educators to share with the public some of their interests and ideas.


Brett McInnes, National University of Singapore

Professor Brett McInnes has published 76 scientific papers on a wide variety of applications of geometry and topology to particle and nuclear physics, string theory, general relativity, and cosmology.


At the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, one of the experiments studies what happens when nuclei of lead atoms are smashed together at extremely high speeds [over 99.99% of the speed of light]. The result is the hottest matter ever observed [about 5.5 trillion degrees K]. The behaviour of matter under such extreme conditions is not easily understood using conventional physics. Recently it has been suggested that methods from black hole theory, involving sophisticated techniques from topology and global differential geometry, may be needed to predict its behaviour. I will talk about one such application, in a non-technical way.


General (Suitable for students at JC Level and above)


March 11 (Monday) 2013 / 4.30-5.30pm



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Dr Ng Kah Loon