Singapore Mathematical Society 55th Anniversary Forum

Poster (PDF)

Date: 9 November 2022 (Wed)
Time: 3-4.30 pm
Venue: Auditorium, Shaw Foundation Alumni House, National University of Singapore

About the Speakers:
Professor Tan Eng Chye and Professor Ling San are past presidents of the Singapore Mathematical Society. They are established mathematicians in their own fields who went on to take up top leadership positions in their universities.

Moderator: Dr Hang Kim Hoo (Vice President, SMS)

The aim of this forum is to gather educators and thought leaders to look into several issues that are pertinent to Mathematics in Singapore. Some questions that may be discussed are:
What are the new opportunities for doing Mathematics ? What are the implications for Mathematics Learning with the evolution of the University landscape? What will remain and what will have to be changed? Are there any conundrums vis-à-vis math education?

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