Mathematical Medley

Vol 48 No. 1/2


  • Number of Self-Avoiding Lattice Paths
    Aidan Tan, Bryan Lee, Caleb Seow, Jovan Low
  • Modelling Singapore’s Covid-19 pandemic using hybrid SEIRQV models
    Mu Chuping, Joshua Cheong, Jovern Teo
  • Crossing Number of Join Product of Some Graphs
    Mario Tanijaya
  • Using a Model of Differential Equations to Assess the Effectiveness of Public Health Measures to Mitigate the Spread of COVID-19
    Loh Zi Quan Keith, Evan Michael Neo Ren Jie, Timothy Tan
  • When Can We Lead a Mask-free Life Again?
    Chau Wen Jia, Liu Zihan, Peh Jia Qian
  • Using Game Theory to Analyze Sustainability and Decision Making of Firms
    Wang Yanqin
  • International Mathematical Olympiad 2022
  • Singapore Mathematical Society Events and Activities 2022